Who were the leaders of the First Crusades

Pope Urban II

The First Crusades were set into motion by Pope Urban II in the year 1095.

It was in the following year in 1096 when the Crusaders set off on their journey to Constantinople on their way to Jerusalem.

Pope Urban ll Famous Medieval Popes

Antiochian and Edessa

The Crusades spanned many centuries and there were some successful periods in the struggle for control of the Holy Lands and Jerusalem the First Crusades were one of those success stories.

The Crusaders captured many important Muslim strongholds such as the cities of Antiochian and Edessa.

Leaders of Crusades Gustve Dore Battle of Antioch

One of the First Crusades leaders Gustave Dore captured the important Muslim city of Antioch

Godfrey De Bouillon ‘King of Jerusalem’.

The success of the First Crusades was down to its leaders, who had gathered a well-trained army of soldiers and knights and had the logistical knowledge to make sure that they had the right mix of troops, supplies of food and water, and the correct weaponry and armor!

Godfrey of Bouillon

Godfrey De Bouillon ‘King of Jerusalem’.

The First Crusades Leaders were nobles and not Kings, they came from all over Europe, in particular, most of the important leaders of the first crusades came from France, Italy, and Flanders.

Godfrey Bouillon Leaders of First Crusades

Main Leaders of the First Crusades

  • Godfrey de Bouillon – Later named the ‘King of Jerusalem’.
  • Hugh count of Vermandois – A noble from France.
  • The Counts of Blois and Flounders – Nobility.
  • The Duke of Normandy – French Duke (Nobility).
  • Bohemond a Norman Noble and leader of Norman Troops.
  • Raymond Count from Toulouse in France (Noble).
Leaders of the First Crusades According to Wikipedia

Main Leaders of the First Crusades according to Wikipedia

End of First Crusade

The First Crusade came to an end in 1099 when the Crusader armies took back control of Jerusalem from Muslim armies – this meant that the end goal of the First Crusade had been accomplished.

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So important was one of the leaders of Crusader armies ‘Godfrey De Bouillon’ that he was actually made the First ‘King of Jerusalem’ in the newly created Kingdom of Jerusalem!