Bubonic Plague 12 Terrible

The ‘Bubonic Plague ‘ – also commonly described as ‘The Plague’, ‘Black Plague’ and “The Black Death".

The Bubonic Plague truly was a nasty disease, it was considered to be the ‘Plague of all Plagues’ none of the other plagues beat the ‘Bubonic Plague’ for it’s devastating power to cause death and destruction as it swept through the towns of medieval Europe.

In fact the ‘Bubonic Plague’ is thought to be the main cause of the 14th century epidemic known as ‘The Black Death’ that wiped out a large number of Europe’s population.

Some historians put the figure as being as high as 60% of European population who died.

The Worlds population was much smaller in medieval times and the ‘Bubonic Plague’ wiped out much of the worlds population.

Here are ’12 Terrible things’ about the Bubonic Plague!

The Bubonic plague was the worst plague of the 3 plaguesbubonic plague, septicemic plague and pneumonia plague.

  • 1) The Bubonic plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis – It is the worst of the 3 Plagues.
  • 2) Bubonic plague was transmitted to humans from fleas bites that transferred the bacterium to human blood.
  • 3) Medieval towns and cities had a massive rat population – Fleas living on the rats carried the disease.
  • 4) Fleas jumped off dead rats and other Small animals, bit humans and the plague then entered their Blood.

  • 5) In the middle ages there was no know cure for the ‘Bubonic Plague’ – but ‘Plague Doctors’ still tried treatments.
  • 6) Medieval Doctors put horrible slimy leaches on peoples skin as they believed in Blood-letting as a treatment.
  • 7) Buboes ‘swollen lymph nodes’ could break open at any time releasing a thick disgusting Pus fluid.
  • 8) The Bubonic Plague caused the ‘Black Death’ – it caused body parts to turn black and drop off.

Plague Doctor Methods Hand Bubonic Plague

  • 9) Plague doctors wore strange masks partly to ‘mask out’ the ‘terrible stench’ in towns and cities.
  • 10) Plague doctors during times of epidemics were in high demand as such they were ‘sometimes kidnapped and held for ransom’.
  • 11) Being a plague doctor was very risky – many died of the Bubonic Plagues themselves.
  • 12) Some historians believe that the terrible Bubonic plague killed around 60% of the European population.
Plague Doctor Mask Costume Hat

Plague Doctor Mask Costume Hat