Who Took Part in the First Crusade?

Who Took Part in the First Crusade?

The Crusades was a series of battles for control of the Holy Lands and the main prize was the city of Jerusalem – many Crusades took place over the centuries but only a few had any successes with many failing or being complete disasters.

However the First Crusades was not one of them and was a very successful Crusade, not only were important cities like Eddessa a city in Upper Mesopotamia and Antiochin re-captured by the Christian Crusaders, but they went on to win the ultimate prize by capturing Jerusalem in the Year 1099.

Who Took Part in the First Crusade – Peoples Crusade

An earlier expedition to the Holy Lands that took place just prior to the ‘First Crusade’ called the ‘Peoples Crusade’ which was really just a group of  poorly equipped and trained medieval people, that were quickly slaughtered by the superior Muslim armies.

The  official ‘First Crusade’ that followed the ‘Peoples Crusade’ was a highly organized affair with well trained soldiers and knights from across Europe taking part.

Soldiers of the ‘Peoples Crusade’ were quickly slaughtered by the superior Muslim armies

Nobles not Kings

Unlike other Crusades in which Kings were the leaders and in control of crusader armies it was actually the nobility of Europe that controlled the First Crusades, Nobles from countries such as France, Flanders and Italy took up the great cause.

Who Took Part in the First Crusades? Important People of the First Crusades

Pope Urban II set the First Crusades in motion in 1095

Main Groups Leaders of the First Crusades

  • Godfrey de Bouillon and his brother.
  • Hugh count of Vernadois leader of French Troops.
  • Counts of Blois and Flounders.
  • Duke of Normandy – Leading Norman Troops.
  • Normans Soldiers under the leadership of Nobleman Bohemond.
  • Raymond Count from Toulouse in France.


End of the First Crusade

These Nobles from across Europe had made the First Crusade a huge success story and they did what many others including famous and powerful kings could not – they managed to take back control of the Holy lands and ultimately won the biggest prize of them all when they re-captured Jerusalem in 1099!

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