Medieval Knights Weapons

The role of medieval knights was of central importance during medieval times in Europe. They were not only important under the feudal system but also served to actively participate in wars and overseas missions.

knight defending castle

The lives of medieval knights were very active and they had to learn to use a variety of weapons. Some of the most commonly used medieval knights’ weapons included *Sword *Lances *Flails *Maces

*The Knights’ favorite weapon was of course the Knightly Sword *The sword of a knight had a status equal to his honor*

Medieval Knights Close Combat Weapons

Medieval knights used multiple types of weapons in-ground and mounted fighting, various swords were used including arming swords, broad swords, falchions, and long swords. Daggers included anelaces, stilettos, poignard, and rondels. Other medieval knights’ weapons that could be used in close combat were morning stars, clubs, maces, flails, and hammers.

maces main image

Medieval Knights Ranged Weapons

Medieval Knights did not often use ranged weapons except for hunting. Ranged weapons were used for long-range attacks and Medieval knights were usually on the receiving end of the ranged weapons of the Medieval military. Some of the most popular ranged weapons were longbows, arbalests, guns, pierriers, petards, javelins, spears, and others.


Knights Protection  *Armor *Shield

In addition to a variety of offensive weapons used by the medieval knights, they had certain defensive weapons at their disposal as well. The first and the most obvious one was the armor of medieval knights which was of crucial importance on battlefields for protection against offensives weapons of the opponents. The second one was the medieval knight’s shield which was of particular importance during close combat.

medieval knights armour shields

Medieval Knights Attacking Weapons

Medieval knights attacking weapons included both close combat weapons and ranged weapons. The most important medieval knights’ weapons were of course various kinds of swords.

Two Knights clash in joust

Two knights using swords instead of jousting sticks

Daggers and knives were of central importance in very close combat situations.

Rondel Dagger

The Rondel Dagger was a late medieval Dagger

Various blunt hand weapons were also used as medieval knights’ weapons and included clubs and maces, flails, holy water sprinklers, horsemen’s picks, war hammers, etc.

Medieval Flail Weapons

The Knightly Sword

The sword was the most obvious weapon of choice amongst medieval knights weapons. Swords could be single or double-edged and came in a variety of forms.

Some of the most popular forms of sword included arming swords, falchions, long swords, and broad swords. The Sword had supreme importance in the life of a knight and was also used during his knighthood ceremony.

Medieval Knights Weapons Swords

A Medieval knights weapon of choice was the Medieval Sword

Among medieval knights’ weapons, the sword of a knight had a status equal to his honor.


Over the course of centuries, techniques and kinds of medieval knights’ weapons were transformed due to various advancements in warfare strategies.

For instance, the sword was the weapon of primary importance during the earlier stages of knighthood but eventually, with the invention of gun powder, firearms began to gain more prominence. The fighting skills of medieval knights were often practiced at various tournaments.