Knights Templar History

The Knights Templar were among the most notable knightly orders which were created in medieval Christendom, primarily as a part of Christian struggle for control over the Holy Lands.

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The Order was created in 1119 and maintained its earliest headquarter at the Temple Mount.

Dome of The Rock

It was believed that the Temple Mount stood atop the ruins of the Temple of Solomon, and over time this association earned Knights Templar additional esteem.

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Because of this association, the Order also came to be called the Order of the Solomon’ Temple.

Knights Templar and the Temple of Solomon History

The control of Jerusalem fell to the Christendom in 1099 during the First Crusade.

However, Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land from Europe were exposed to attacks by bandits on their way. Knights Templar was originally created in 1119 in order to protect these pilgrims.

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The Knights Templar received official recognition from the Papacy in 1129, making it a very esteemed and powerful knightly order. It rose in fame as a vital body of troops during Crusades, valiantly fighting Muslim armies.

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By later 12th century, Jerusalem was lost to Muslim invaders and the Templar’s  power declined.


Although it remained very powerful until the 14th century, the Order came into conflict with the French King Philip IV who had the Order’s leaders arrested in 1307 and disbanded the organization and ordered the leaders be burned at the stake.

Knights Templar Burned at The Stake

Knights Templar Grandmasters Burned at the Stake

Knights Templar History Fast Facts

  • The Knights Templar were a notable knightly order created to defend medieval Christendom.
  • The Templars were fundamental in the Christian struggle to re-capture the Holy Lands.
  • The Order of the Knights Templar was set up in the year 1119 to Protect Christian Pilgrims.

templar events crusades

  • The Knights Templars headquarters were established in the Holy City ‘Jerusalem’ at the Temple Mount.
  • Temple Mount was positioned above the Temple of Solomon according to Stories of the Knights Templar.


  • The Knights Templar’s association with Solomon’s Templar brought them fame and fortune.
  • The Knights Templar were also known as the ‘Order of the Solomon’ Temple’.
  • The Crusaders and Templar knights gained control of Jerusalem in the year 1099 in the First Crusade.

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  • Templar knights protected Christian pilgrims to the Holylands from attacks by bandits.
  • The Knights Templar became a very wealthy and powerful Knightly order when it received official recognition from the Papacy.

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  • The Templar Crusader knights were revered for their Bravery and valor when fighting Muslim armies.
  • Late in the 12th century the influence of the Knights templer declined after they lost control of Jerusalem.
  • The Templers still retained a lot of powerful until the 14th century.

Templars Burned at the Stake

  • French King Philip IV had the Order’s leaders arrested in 1307 and the Order was disbanded in 1307.
  • Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charney we charged as heretics and burned at the stake in 1314, March 18.
  • Legend has it that the Knights Templar fled to France and went Underground infiltrating the Freemasons.