Bubonic Plague – 13 Surprising things!

The Bubonic Plague was nasty, it was considered to be the worst plague of the lot and it swept through medieval villages, towns, and Cities, wiping out entire families and many millions of people.

Some historians even quote the figures as being as high as 60% of the European population that was killed by this terrible Plague

Here is a list of 13 things you might find surprising about the Bubonic Plague

  1. The Bubonic plague caused the ‘Justinian plague’ during the 6th Century CE in Ancient Rome.
  2. Bubonic plague is the worst type of plague of them all caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis.
  3. In the Middle ages, there was literally no cure for the Bubonic Plague.
  4. Specialist Plague Doctors treated the Bubonic Plague but had little to no success.
  5. The main treatment for the Bubonic Plague in medieval times was Blood-letting, and it didn’t work.
Medieval Disease - Bubonic Plague

Leg of a Medieval woman who has the medieval disease the bubonic plague

6. The Bubonic Plague is thought to be the cause of the ‘Black Death’ epidemic in the 14th century

7. Some historians believe that 25% of Europe’s population was wiped out by the Bubonic Plague

8. Some historians believe that this figure is much higher at around 60% of Europe’s population killed

9. Early symptoms of the Bubonic Plague are Flu-Like symptoms

10. Swelling of the lymph nodes is a major signal that someone has the Bubonic plague – occurs around day 7

Spread of the Black Plague

Spread of the Black Plague by Genoese Trading Ships

11. The disease was spread by fleas biting humans, usually, they had jumped off dead rats

12. The Bubonic plague is the worst of these 3 plagues – bubonic plague, septicemic plague, and pneumonic plague

13. Many extra plague doctors were employed by Pope Clement VI during the Black Death plague.

Spread of the Black Plague by Fleas

When these fleas bit any victim, the plague is transmitted to the victim as well.

3 Benefits of the Plague – Yes there were actual benefits!

Because the plague killed many millions there was a shortage of labor so wages rapidly increased due to the demand for labor – simple economics demand was greater than supply!

  • Vegetation, plant life, and the environment improved as there were fewer people.
  • Medieval villages, Towns, and cities were able to take stock and improve hygiene and other areas.
  • Medieval peasants living and working conditions were greatly lifted as they were better paid.
Plague Doctor Mask Costume Hat

Plague Doctor Mask Costume Hat