Medieval Knights Sword

A Medieval knights’ sword was the most important weapon for a medieval knight.

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This was true not only in terms of combat but also in terms of honour as the medieval knights’ sword was considered one of the marks of chivalry.

Medieval Squire becoming a Knight

The Medieval knight’s sword was available in a variety of shapes and types and was considered the primary weapon not only in the event of war but also during medieval tournaments.


Medieval Knights Sword History

During the medieval times in Europe, the medieval knights’ sword went hand in hand with armour and was considered an essential ingredient of knighthood.

Medieval Swords

A knight’s sword was in use during the early medieval times as well as in the ancient world, but it came to have a distinctive form during the middle and high medieval times when the phenomenon of knighthood took hold throughout Europe.

Medieval Knights Weapons Swords

The medieval knights’ sword was different from the sword of an ordinary soldier because it was more expensive to produce and stronger.

During the early medieval times, the sword in vogue was a double-edged slashing one. However, during the middle and late medieval times, diamond-shaped swords along with chain mail became more popular.

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Knights Favourite Swords

There was a wide variety of medieval knights’ swords which was used during different times. One popular sword was The Broadsword which was popular during the early medieval times.

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Its length was around 35 to 40 inches and its weight fell between 3 and 5 pounds. During the Crusades, the Falchion Sword became more popular with medieval knights.

A Fachion Sword

Other famous medieval knights’ swords include The Greatsword, The Longsword, The Scimitar, and others.


Knights Sword Prestige & Honour

Among the weapons of a medieval knight, a medieval knights’ sword had central importance. He used his sword not only in war but also in duels during tournaments. Great symbolic importance was attached to a knights’ sword and it was also used during the Ceremony of Knighthood.

Dubbing Ceremony

Squire Knighted at a Dubbing Ceremony

The cross across the handle of the sword signified the resolution of the knight to defend the Christian religion. Sometimes, the engraving on the sword also indicated the name of its owner and words from a prayer.

Medieval Swords Claymore Sword Hilt

Sword Hilt

Knights Sword Fighting Techniques

Medieval knights’ sword fighting techniques evolved over time. During the middle and late medieval times, various treaties were written on medieval knights’ sword fighting techniques.

These treaties were written in German and were called “Fechtbucher”. Other than these treaties, medieval knights’ sword fighting techniques were also influenced by Johannes Liechtenauer who inspired the German school of swordsmanship.

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Medieval Knights’ Favourite Weapon

The medieval knight’s sword was easily a knight’s favorite weapon for combat. It was partly due to its utility in defense and attack and partly due to the honor attached with it.

The medieval Sword was donned as a weapon of distinction not only during the battles but also during times of peace. The Sword also had central importance in the Code of Chivalry and was used during the ceremonies when the squire was ascended to the level of knighthood.

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Medieval Knights Sword Summary

A Medieval knights’ sword was the most important and valuable weapon of combat during medieval times. This sword came in various sizes and types and the name of the knight along with the words of prayer was generally engraved on the sword.

King Arthur Excalibur

King Arthur and the famous sword Excalibur

Various techniques of swordsmanship were prevalent during medieval times among which the German school of swordsmanship was particularly famous and inspired many people.