Teutonic Knights – Remarkable Teutonic Order!

Teutonic Knights Definition

In German, the Teutonic order state was called Deutschordensstaat and Ordensstaat.

It is thought that the order of the Teutonic Knights was founded in 1190 although like the other religious military orders of the medieval period such as the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller.

Teutonic Knights - Crusades

There is some disagreement about the exact date of the origins of these military militaristic religious orders.

Like other Knights of the medieval period, the Teutonic Knights took vows of Chastity, poverty, and obedience.

The Eighth Crusades

Teutonic Order 1260 Eighth Crusade

The Teutonic Knights was a German militaristic religious order, it was known as the order of brothers and was located in Jerusalem in the German house of St Mary.

Teutonic Knights & Saladin

The Teutonic Knights were more akin to the Knights Hospitaller than the Knights Templar as they were created to care for ill, dying, and injured Christian pilgrims.

Teutonic Knight Grand Master

Teutonic Knights Grand-Master of the Teutonic Order

The knights had a fighting purpose like the Knights Templar but also tended to the injured and dying Christian crusaders on the battlefield and in the hospitals that they had created.

jerusalem gb780acb18 640

They were prominent within Jerusalem city up until 1187 when Saladin the famous Muslim leader conquered the city of Jerusalem, however so impressed was Saladin with the Teutonic Knight’s work that he allowed some of the Knights to stay in Jerusalem and continue with their work.

Saladin Leader of the Muslim armies

Muslim Leader Saladin

In the early 13th century the Knights were led by a leader who was their grandmaster called Herman Von Salza.

Siege of Acre 1189 – 1191

The Knights continued to expand and grow in power and it wasn’t long before they were one of the most powerful militaristic religious orders in the medieval world.

Siege of Acre 1189 - 1191

Siege of Acre 1189 – 1191

During the siege of Acre in the Third Crusades, the Knights were officially founded and became recognized as one of the great military religious orders in Europe.

Flag of Teutonic Knights

Flag of the Teutonic Knights and the Teutonic Order

Teutonic Knights Clothing

The Knights had a similar look to the Knights Hospitaller, whereas the Knights Hospitaller’s costumes were black with a white cross, this was reversed to the Teutonic Knights who wore white costumes with a black cross.

Medieval Cavalry Shields teutonic order and mongols at the battle of liegnitz 1241

The Knight’s outfit was just as distinctive as the Knights Templar but they did not have a formidable reputation for fighting as the Knights Templar. The Knight’s horses were also covered in same the distinctive white and black cross as their masters.

History of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay

Teutonic Knights Armour

The Teutonic Knights wore chain-mail and full plate armor under their white robes with black crosses, it was common for medieval knights to wear a type of medieval helmet called “The Great Helm” during this medieval period.

knights helmets

The German knights’ horses which would usually be from the Destrier breed which were strong powerful horses, were also trained to fight themselves.

These battle-hardened horses would also wear full plate armor, including chain-mail and plate armor such as a Chanfron, which was plate armor for the Horses Face.

knights horse armor Head chamfronjpg

The white cloth covering for the Knight’s horse was called a trapper and would match the Knight’s white and black colors. Teutonic Knights would usually have a large kite shield strapped to their back as they rode their horses.

Teutonic Knights Weapons

The favored weapon of the medieval knight was his sword and it was no different for the Teutonic Knights, A knight’s sword had special meaning for him and was part of his knighthood.

It was a weapon that no knight could do without, although medieval Teutonic Knights had other weapons, such as maces, war hammers, and lances.

Teutonic Knights Grunge Flag

Grunge Flag of The Teutonic Knights

Summary of the Teutonic Knights

The German Knights were well respected during medieval times and the Crusades. As well as being fearsome warriors these knights help care for sick, dying, and injured Christians during the Crusades.

The German  Knights also built hospitals and became a well-respected and established religious military order during the crusades that carried out important work.