Brazen Bull – Torture Device

The Brazen Bull torture device was a Greek device used to torture the criminals till death. It was one of the most gruesome methods of executing criminals during the medieval period. In order to discourage the people from committing crimes, criminals were executed publicly by this method. They screamed, suffered and ultimately died of the extreme heat.

History and Origins of the Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull was invented by Perillos of Athens in the 6th century BC. He suggested Phalaris, the tyrant of Akragas, to use the Brazen Bull torture device as the new method for executing criminals. It is also believed that Phalaris got disgusted by the description of the working of the bull presented by Perillos and ordered him to enter the Brazen Bull and show him how screams would actually sound. Once Perillos entered the Brazen Bull, orders were passed to lock its doors and light a fire under it. Perillos screamed and suffered inside the bull and when he was about to die he was taken out. He thought that Phalaris would reward him for this invention, instead, he threw him from the hill and was eventually killed. This History of the Brazen Bull torture device was repeated when Phalaris was overthrown by the Telemachus as it was believed that he also died inside the Brazen Bull Torture Device.

Brazen Bulll Torture Device

The Victim was heated alive inside the Brazen Bull

How did a Brazen Bull Work?

The Brazen Bull worked in following manner: Criminals were ordered to enter the bull and then the door was locked. After that a fire was lit up under the bull and it was heated to a point that Brazen Bull was red hot and the criminals inside were roasted to death. The head of the Brazen Bull had specialised tubes that converted the screams of the tortured criminals into the bellowing of an infuriated bull.

What was a Brazen Bull Torture device made from?

The Brazen Bull torture device was completely made from Bronze and was hollow inside. It was of the same size and shape of an original bull and had a door on one side that was large enough for a man to easily enter. The Brazen Bull had an acoustic setup that converted human screams into the sound of a bull. This acoustic step was inside the head of the bull and consisted of a complex system of tubes and stops

Types of Crimes punishable with the Brazen Bull?

Brazen Bull Torture

A victim is heated alive using a type of Brazen Bull Torture device

Criminals that had carried out serious crimes such as treason were subjected to punish with the Brazen Bull. Criminals were given such punishments in order to discourage the poor population from committing any more crimes. The Brazen bull was also used in order to punish people on the basis of Religious differences as historically it is believed that many Jews and Christians were executed with the Brazen Bull.

Brazen Bull Summary

Human beings have always tried to invent new ways of torturing their fellow human beings in order to punish them for different crimes, but seldom have they created such artistic devices like the Brazen Bull. The Brazen Bull was used to burn and roast criminals alive and let people know of their fate if they committed similar crimes.

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