Temple of Solomon

The ‘Order of the Knights Templar’ was established in the year 1119 during the period of the Crusades were instigated to re-capture the Holy lands from Islamic dominance.

The Knights Templar was established to protect Christian pilgrims on their perilous journeys throughout the holy lands!

Knights Templar Costume Crusades

The Knights Templar managed the organization from their headquarters at Temple Mount in the city of Jerusalem.

Dome of The Rock

The Dome of the Rock at Mount Temple *Built on the Ruins of the Temple of Solomon

Knights Templar *Temple of Solomon History

Because of the ‘Templar’s fighting prowess they also acted as front-line ‘shock troops’ that would break up enemy lines and this would give the following army a great morale lifting boost!

Pope Urban II

Pope Urban II

The Christian struggle for the holy lands went on for centuries and was led by various popes, royalty, and nobles who wanted to reclaim the holy lands for Christianity.

During these centuries of conflicts between Christian and Islamic armies, many regions of the holy lands including the city of Jerusalem were constantly being conquered by each side.

Medieval Cavalry Shields of the KnightsTemplars

The Templar Knights were based at Temple Mount which legend has it was directly built over the ruins of the legendary King Solomon’s temple.

There are many conspiracies about their time at temple mount during a period in which the templars seemed to become very powerful in a short period of time.

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Many believe and legend has it that this happened because of secret treasures they uncovered and the written knowledge they gained from the ruins of Solomons’ temple.

It is believed that the knights’ templar spent many years digging under ‘Temple Mount’ to uncover Solomon’s hidden treasures and secrets!