The Black Plague Benefits

The Black Plague – 10 Surprising Benefits of  ‘the Black Plague’ – Great Plague’ ‘Black Death’, Bubonic Plague, or simply the Plague


Let’s face it you would have been very lucky to survive the Plague that swept through the villages, towns, and cities of medieval Europe.

The Plague was actually 3 bacteria strains that combined together to cause a devastating illness that virtually nobody who caught it survived – the worst of these 3 strains was the ‘Bubonic Plague.

Bubonic Plague

Dirty, cramped, and unhygienic living conditions throughout medieval Europe created a perfect breeding ground for rats and the ‘Black Death’ or ‘Bubonic Plague’ was spread easily by these cramped and squalid conditions.

It was transmitted from fleas living on dead rats that jumped onto their human host and then bite them, transmitting the bacteria.

The Black Plague and Rats 1

Pretty gross I know and then the disease was quickly passed from human to human!

The Black Death period actually had many benefits for those medieval people who survived the epidemic

  • Because the ‘Black Plague’ drastically reduced the population it also weakened the Feudal system – creating a fairer society.
  • A shortage of labor ‘Peasants’ led to an improvement in working conditions and pay for those able to work.
  • The limited availability of labor led to new modern farming techniques being developed in England.
  • Improved Farming techniques led to an increase in total agricultural production.
  • Great tracts of land were able to recover and be reforested due to the lack of people and cultivation.
  • Regeneration and growth of much natural flora and fauna occurred over a period of time as there was less consumption.
  • The Black Death plague helped create the English and European Renaissance periods.
  • The Black Plague ultimately led to the Peasants Revolt, which improved all-around conditions for peasants and lower classes.
  • Perfumes and wonderful ‘Eau du Cologne’ was created which masked the bad smells present in villages, Towns, and cities.
  • The Black Death plague paved the way for the Reformation and Protestantism in England.

The devastating period of the ‘black death’ finally came to an end when it is believed a very cold snap killed off the Bacteria strains that were causing the epidemic.