Targe Shield

The Targe Shield was one of the most popular medieval shields particularly during the late medieval times. Its shape was predominantly circular and it could be decorated with a coat of arms or various other kinds of painting and patterns.

Sometimes, the back of the shield could also be covered with deerskin.

  • The targe shield was usually round in shape
  • Deerskin could be used to cover the back of the targe shield
  • Targe Shields could be highly decorated and display a coat of arms
  • The targe shield was very popular especially towards the later medieval periods
Targe Shield Stuart Era

Targe Shield of the Stuart Era – Post Medieval Period

Definition of a Targe Shield

The word Targe is derived from Old French word “targa” which means shield. The word was also used for shields in Old English and this was among those medieval shields that were particularly popular in England and Scotland.

The shield itself was mostly round with a size varying between 45cm and 55cm in diameter.

Early Medieval Targe Shield

Early Medieval Period Shield – Targe Shield

How was a Targe Shield Used?

The Targe shield was among those medieval shields which served the purpose of defence for a single man during hand-to-hand combat.

Since its size was not very large, it could be carried in one hand while engaging in the combat with the other hand. If the sword was lost during the battle, the shield could be used as a protective weapon against enemy blows.

What Soldiers used Targe Shields?

Targe shield was mainly the weapon of the common soldiers, swordsmen in particular. Other than the buckler shield, the targe shield was a weapon of choice for swordsmen due to its easy handling.

Knights also made use of this sword during the late medieval times in which case it was painted with their coat of arms.

Targe Shield Summary

The targe shield was among those medieval shields that were extensively used in medieval times, in particular by swordsmen. Its size was larger than the buckler shield but smaller than various other medieval shields.

Sometimes it was also used by knights and was painted with their coat of arms.

  • The name Targe comes from the word “targa” which means shield in French
  • The targe shield was popular particularly in Scotland and England in medieval Europe
  • The targe shield was a one-on-one shield used by a single soldier
  • The size of the targe shield was around 45 to 55 cm in diameter
  • Targe shields were popular with the common soldiers such as footsoldiers
  • Like the buckler shield the targe shield was relatively light and easy to handle
  • The targe shield was like a bigger version of the buckler shield
  • Targe Shields were also used by medieval knights in later medieval periods

We hope you enjoyed this article on medieval targe shields, targe Shields were another important medieval shield.

If you want to learn more about medieval shields similar to the targe shield please look at the links at the bottom of this targe shield page, in particular the buckler shield may be of interest as it was similar to the targe shield which in effect was a bigger version of it.