Trebuchet Siege Weapon

Learn about the types of Trebuchet Siege Weapons used by besieging armies during a Castle Siege *Discover the Evolution and Power of the Trebuchet Siege Weapon!

During medieval times Castle sieges were usually started in the spring or summer this made tactical sense for the attacking armies.


TheĀ  reasons being that the hot summer weather conditions made it easier to create fires, and the water in Castle moats usually froze in winter making it more difficult for a successful medieval siege during the autumn and winter months. There were numerous reasons why it was better to launch a siege on a Castle in the summer rather than the winter.


The Trebuchet was an excellent weapon for attacking a castle, not only did it have the power to bring down castle walls but projectiles such as rocks and diseased bodies could be loaded and thrown into the inside areas of the medieval Castle.

Types of Trebuchet Siege Weapons

The Trebuchet was a popular medieval siege weapon that was very effective in destroying castle walls, it was also known as the counterweight siege weapon, there was also an earlier medieval siege weapon called the Traction Trebuchet but this was not considered to be a proper Trebuchet and leads to some confusion.


The Image gives you an idea of the size of a Trebuchet Siege Weapon

The Trebuchet was a very effective siege weapon and was a great advancement in medieval siege warfare, it was basically a counterweight throwing engine, a kind of giant wooden sling that was mechanised. The Trebuchet has its origins in the sling that originated in ancient China but its exact date of origin is unclear.

  • Sieges mainly took place in hot summer months so that fires could be lit and besieging soldiers would not freeze
  • Diseased bodies of humans and animals were often thrown into medieval castles by the Trebuchet
  • The Trebuchet hurled rocks and heavy objects were often thrown at castle walls and inside the castles
  • Trebuchet siege weapons origins went back to ancient times
  • The exact date of the first Trebuchet siege weapons is unclear but it is believed they originated in ancient China



Timeline of the Trebuchet Siege Weapon

The medieval Trebuchet was first used around the 12th century and was used by Christian and Muslim soldiers in medieval Castle sieges right into the 15th century. Even though canons and gunpowder had been invented in later medieval periods, the Trebuchet was considered such an effective Castle siege weapon that it was still used at the same time.


Castle Siege Use of Cannons

However as canons and other gunpowder weapons advanced further the Trebuchet eventually began its decline, however the fascination with Trebuchet siege weapon still continues to this day.

How does the Trebuchet Siege Engine work?

The Trebuchet uses a lever arm which is pulled down against considerable tension, it is secured whilst a rock or similar projectile is loaded into a harness, then the tension is released which creates a sling type action and hurls the rock towards the intended target such as a medieval Castle walls or Gatehouse.

Conwy Castle Walls Conwy

At one end of the Trebuchet would be a whippy type pole and a container for large objects such as rocks, at the other side, the pole was on a pivot, the loaded end was winched down by human strength in early designs, later by a mechanism, and then released. The weight on one end made the made the loaded end rise quickly and release it’s contents, the sling action effect at the last minute increased the Trebuchet’s power which had incredible range and impact force.

  • Medieval Trebuchets were popular from around the 12th century in castle siege warfare
  • Both Christian and Muslim armies used Trebuchets in castle siege warfare
  • Trebuchets had a whippy type arm that could be forced back to create extreme tension
  • The sling action of the Trebuchet created enormous force and could hurl large objects huge distances
  • Trebuchets were massive siege weapons as you can see in the image above


The evolution of the Trebuchet Siege Weapon

As the medieval period progressed improvements in the design of the Trebuchet were continually being implemented and weapons engineers were was looking to improve the mechanism of the Trebuchet.


The early Trebuchet siege weapons relied on human strength to pull down the lever arm, however the fixed counterweight Trebuchet was introduced which to increased the power of the Trebuchet siege weapon considerably.


Other changes were also made to the Trebuchet design which increased the distance that projectiles could be thrown, the launch speed also improved the devastating effect of the Trebuchet weapon.


Power of the Trebuchet siege weapon

The Trebuchet siege weapon was an incredibly powerful weapon that could bring down Castle walls, it could throw projectiles such as large rocks at medieval castle walls, or be aimed to cause havoc within a medieval castles walls. It must’ve been a pretty scary sight to see a large rock weighing up to 350 pounds or other projectile hurtling towards you at lightning speed.

The Counterweight Trebuchet

The counterweight Trebuchet first appeared around the 12 century in medieval times and it gained in popularity becoming a major siege weapon during the 13th century it only declined in popularity after the invention and development of effective medieval canons.


Decline of Trebuchet Weapons

Trebuchet siege weapons were used throughout the middle ages with great effect and were one of the great inventions of medieval siege weapons, however with the invention of canons and gun powder the Trebuchet started to slowly decline in importance and eventually was replaced by the new gun power weapons that had been invented.

  • The design of Trebuchet weapons improved throughout the medieval period
  • Medieval Trebuchet siege weapons were huge and it took many men to operate them
  • Trebuchets could throw large objects such as rocks that weighed up to 350 pounds
  • The Counterweight Trebuchet became one of the most popular medieval siege weapons
  • The use of the Trebuchet declined with the rise of cannons

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