Exploring the Realm of Valor: Medieval Swords for Sale

In the annals of history, few artifacts resonate with the timeless aura of medieval swords.

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These emblematic weapons of the past evoke images of chivalrous knights, epic battles, and the quest for honor.

Today, the allure of these historical blades remains undiminished, as enthusiasts and collectors alike seek to own a piece of the past.

If you find yourself captivated by the allure of medieval swords, read on to discover a world where craftsmanship, history, and valor converge.

The Craftsmanship Behind Medieval Swords

Medieval swords were more than mere tools of combat; they were masterpieces of craftsmanship, each uniquely forged to serve its wielder on the battlefield.

The blade, hilt, and pommel were all meticulously designed, embodying the cultural and technological nuances of their time.

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Today, the art of crafting medieval-style swords lives on through modern blacksmiths and artisans who painstakingly recreate these weapons with the same dedication to detail.

Embarking on a Quest: Websites Offering Medieval Swords for Sale

For those who wish to own a piece of this storied history, the internet has become a treasure trove of options. Here are some websites where you can find medieval swords for sale

Medieval Collectibles             

A hub for enthusiasts, this site offers an extensive range of swords, including historically accurate replicas and fantasy-inspired designs.

Swords of Northshire          

Renowned for their custom-made swords, Swords of Northshire allows you to tailor your blade to your preferences, ensuring a unique addition to your collection.

Kult of Athena                   

This online emporium showcases an array of swords from different historical periods, catering to collectors and practitioners alike.


Specializing in replicas of historical weapons, Wulflund offers a selection of medieval swords that capture the spirit of the past.


With a commitment to historical accuracy, Reliks presents an array of functional and decorative medieval swords to suit various tastes.

A Journey Beyond the Blade

Owning a medieval sword transcends mere possession; it’s a connection to a world of honor, courage, and chivalry.

While modern times have moved beyond the battlegrounds of old, the resonance of these iconic weapons continues to captivate hearts and minds.

Whether you’re an enthusiast, a collector, or simply curious about the past, the availability of medieval swords for sale ensures that the legacy of these timeless blades endures, one generation to the next.

1. Longsword

A versatile and iconic sword with a double-edged blade and a cruciform hilt. Longswords were used for both cutting and thrusting and were favored by knights and warriors.


2. Arming Sword

Also known as a knightly sword, this single-handed sword was a staple for medieval knights. It had a straight, double-edged blade and a simple cross-shaped hilt.

Arming Sword

3. Claymore

A large two-handed sword associated with Scottish warriors. The claymore featured a distinctive cross-hilt and a broad, double-edged blade.

Medieval Swords Claymore Sword Hilt

4. Broadsword

A single-edged sword with a slightly curved blade, used for both cutting and thrusting. The term “broadsword” is often used to describe various types of swords from different regions.


5. Falchion

A single-edged sword with a curved blade that was wider towards the tip. The falchion was known for its chopping power and was used by infantry and cavalry.

A Fachion Sword

6. Rapier

A slender, thrusting sword with a complex hilt, the rapier gained popularity during the late medieval and Renaissance periods. It was often used as a dueling weapon.

Rapiere Morges kitsch

7. Scimitar

A curved sword with roots in the Middle East, the scimitar featured a single-edged blade that was ideal for slashing attacks. It was used by various cultures, including the Crusaders.

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8. Viking Sword

Also known as a “Ulfberht,” Viking swords had straight, double-edged blades and distinctive pommels and crossguards. They were wielded by Norse warriors and raiders.

viking warrior berserker 1

9. Shortsword

A compact, one-handed sword used for close combat. Shortswords were often carried by infantry and were effective in tight spaces.

Short Sword Medieval Baselard

10. Estoc

A thrusting sword designed to penetrate armor. The estoc had a narrow, stiff blade and was used during the late medieval period.

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These swords represent just a fraction of the diverse range of weapons that existed during the medieval era. Each type of sword reflects the specific needs, techniques, and cultural contexts of the warriors who wielded them.