King Edward the Elder 899-924

Kindly Edward the Elder ruled England from 26th October 899 to 17th July 924.

He was the son of Alfred, King of Wessex, and Ealhswith who was the daughter of a Mercian nobleman, Æthelred Mucil (or Mucel).

He became King after the death of his father. He established his court at Winchester. King Edward the Elder was given the title of “Anglorum Saxonum Rex” or “king of the Anglo-Saxons” as he was the second king of the Anglo Saxons.

Edward The Elder Medieval King

King Edward the Elder Timeline

  • King Edward the Elder was born around 874
  • Ruler of England from 26th October 899 to 17 July 924
  • His coronation took place on 8th June 900
  • His mother Ealhswith died in 902
  • He captured Eastern Midlands and East Anglia in 917
  • In 918 he became the ruler of Mercia when her sister Æthelflæd died
  • The West Midlands was divided into shires by King Edward the Elder between 919 and 924
  • In 923, Constantine II, the Scottish King, submitted to the King Edward the Elder
  • King Edward the Elder died on 17th July 924

Kindly, Edward, the Elder ruled England from 26th October 899 to 17th July 924

Why King Edward is called the Elder?

King Edward was called the elder in order to distinguish him from the later King Edward the Martyr. This eponym “the Elder” was first employed in Wulfstan the Cantor’s most famous work i.e., Life of St Æthelwold in 996.

King Edward the Elder’s Early Life

Edward was lucky enough to survive the infancy and was a second such child of King Alfred the Great and his wife Ealhswith. His exact birth date is unknown, but, according to an estimate he was born somewhere between 874 and 877.

He, along with his sister Ælfthryth was educated at court, whereas his other sister Æthelgifu was to be given to the Church. His eldest brother Æthelweard was taught Latin at a court school and it is believed that he also adopted religious life. During the last days of his reign, he was acknowledged as the “father and lord” by the Welsh, Scots, and the Norse.

King Edward the Elder’s achievements

King Edward captured many lands that were occupied by the Danes and extended the control of Wessex. Such areas included the whole of Mercia, Essex, and East Anglia. In 911 cities of London and Oxford along with surrounding areas of Middlesex and Oxfordshire were annexed.

King Edward’s family

King Edward had a very large family as he had around fourteen children from his three wives. His wives were Ecgwynn, Ælfflæd and Eadgifu. Edward’s first wife was Ecgwynn who he married in 893. They had a son Athelstan and a daughter.

Edward married Ælfflæd in 899. She was the daughter of Æthelhelm, the ealdorman of Wiltshire. Together they had seven children. In 919 Edward married Eadgifu and together they had four children. Most of Edward’s Children later went on to become prominent figures.

King Edward the Elder’s Death

King Edward the Elder died on 17th July 924 at Farndon, Cheshire, England. His burial took place at New Minster, Winchester. He was succeeded by either Æthelstan and/or Ælfweard of Wessex.