Arming Sword | The Perfect Sword?

The arming sword was a popular weapon of the European High Middle Ages, spanning from just before the era’s beginning to just after its end.

Arming Sword

The term arming sword comes from the practice of knights arming themselves before riding off to combat or war!

Arming Sword | The Perfect Medieval Weapon

It  refers to a sword used as part of knightly battle dress. The arming sword was also known as an arming doublet because it doubled as both body armor and a weapon.

Medieval Knights History

History of the Arming Sword

The arming sword of the European High Middle Ages was a straight, double-edged weapon with a single-handed, cruciform hilt. It was typically wielded in one hand, though it could also be used with two hands on occasion.

Arming Sword | The Perfect Medieval Weapon

Medieval swords were often forged from tempered steel and sharpened to a point that could pierce plate armor.

Medieval Blacksmith at Work making an Arming Sword
A medieval Blacksmith is at work using a forge and heat to mould the blade of a medieval Sword

Characteristics of the Arming Sword

The arming sword is a medieval sword that is believed to have originated in France. It’s single-handed and uses a cruciform hilt. Its blade was single-edged, straight, and of moderate length. It had a sharp point and an edge on both sides of the blade which made it difficult to block.

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Why the Arming Sword was the Perfect Weapon for the European High Middle Ages

There are many types of medieval swords; some of which were used as tools, others as symbols of power. In Europe during the High Middle Ages, one such type was the arming sword. While not as long or heavy as other medieval swords, it had enough weight to thrust at close range and it was sturdy enough to parry blows from heavier weapons like axes and maces.

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How knights Carried Arming Swords into Battle

Medieval swords were not just used in warfare, they were also used in jousting tournaments and other forms of martial arts. They were so important that they became a symbol of one’s nobility. Knights would wear their swords on the right side, opposite to what we are accustomed to today.

This was done to ensure that when they went into battle, it would be clear to all who saw them which side was theirs. Medieval swords had a broad range of designs and lengths.

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