Black Death – 13 Shocking Facts

The Black Death is also known to as ‘The Great Plague’, ‘Black Plague’ or ‘Plague’.

Historians and Scholars estimate that the Black Death  pandemic killed around 50- 60% of the population of Europe which was a huge part of the worlds population at that time.

The Black Death swept it’s way through most European towns and cities with devastating effect, wiping out generations of families in the 14th century

Here are some of the shocking facts about the Black Death  pandemic that raged throughout Europe from around 1346 to 1353

  1. Medieval People didn’t take Baths during the ‘Black Death’ pandemic as they believed that Bathing caused the spread of the diseases.
  2. There was no known cure for the Black Death during the Middle Ages.
  3.  Victims of the Black Death limbs would turn black and literally fall off very quickly.
  4. Europe lost nearly 50% to 60% of its population in less than ten years.
  5. Within minutes of being bitten by a rat flea the victim would break out in ‘black blotches’ and large painful lumps.
  6. People were scared to go outside and would rather starve to death than risk catching the disease in the towns, village or cities.
  7.  It is estimated that 1 in 5 Londoners perished in the pandemic which would have been around 68,000 people.
  8. Red Crosses were painted on the house doors of dead people as a warning.
  9. The Black Death took killed around 75 – 200 million people across Europe – these were huge numbers for Medieval times.
  10.  A substantial part of the worlds total population died in the pandemic.
  11. Around 60,000 Italians died in Florence, Italy, more than 50% of the Cities population.
  12. In Paris around 800 Parisians dropped dead every single day when the Black Death pandemic was at it’s peak.
  13. Witch-hunts and persecutions of minorities other than Jews as well were carried out all over Europe. This happened as fanaticism and religious fervor increased in certain parts of Europe in the wake of the Black Death.  In the medieval city of Strasbourg it is estimated that 2000 Jews were killed as a result of being accused of starting and spreading the plague on purpose, however many Jews had also died from the plague.