Black Death 10 List

10 ‘Truly Terrible’ things about the ‘Black Death’

The Black Death is also commonly described as “The Plague”, “The Black Death”, and “The Bubonic Plague”,

The Black Death

The Bubonic Plague was one of the main bacterium which resulted in the ‘Black Death’.

The Black Death was a truly terrible disease and conjures up in people’s minds images of medieval people with blackened hands and feet, that would literally fall off just a short time later!

Much Fear and anxiety captured the minds of medieval people because of the speed and appearance of the ‘Black Death’ within a week of coming down with Flu like symptoms things took a pretty nasty turn for the worse!

The ‘Bubonic Plague’ which caused the Black Death was the the Grand Master of all the Plagues and instilled fear into the populations of medieval towns and cities.

People were scared to leave the house and even shunned bathing as they believed that this could spread the disease, as you can imagine towns and cities were pretty, squalid, dirty places to live in these times.

Black Death in Medieval Times

Now Lets look take a look at 10 ‘Truly Terrible’ things about the ‘Black Death’

        • The Black Death turned people’s limbs black, victims hands and feet would turn black and then fall off.
        • The Black Death’ killed million upon millions of people throughout Europe.
        • In London tens of thousands were killed with estimates put forward of around 65,000 people killed.
        • The ‘Black Death ripped the heart out of Europe – Killing from 25% to 65% of it’s population according to different sources
Spread of the Black Plague by Fleas

When these fleas bit any victim, the plague is transmitted to the victim as well.

        • The ‘Black Death’ was a bacterium that was caused by the ‘Bubonic Plague’.
        • Fleas from the bodies of dead rats jumped onto Humans, by biting them they infected their hosts.
        • Medieval towns and cities were filled with dirty rats due to poor hygiene – Fleas living on them carried the disease.
        • Plague Doctors would treat the ‘Black Death’ using slimy leeches that would suck out peoples blood.
The Black Plague and Rats

The Black Plague and Rats

        • Plague Doctors who treated the ill and dying would wear strange herb filled masks to block out the disgusting smell in towns and cities.
        • Many Plague Doctors themselves contracted the ‘Black Death’ and died.
        • Entire generations of families were wiped out by the Black Plague.
        • People collecting the bodies of the deceased would catch the Black Death themselves.
        • Red or Black crosses were painted onto the doors of houses as a ‘Black Death’ warning to others.
London City Black Death

Medieval London City Doctor in Black Death