Top 10 Medieval Reenactment Groups in Europe

Medieval reenactment is a captivating way to step back in time and experience the sights, sounds, and traditions of the Middle Ages.

Across Europe, there are numerous dedicated medieval reenactment groups that transport enthusiasts and history buffs to a bygone era.

These groups not only entertain but also educate audiences about the rich history and culture of the medieval period. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 medieval reenactment groups in Europe.

1. The Company of Saynt George (Germany)

The Company of Saynt George, based in Germany, specializes in recreating the late 15th century. Known for their impressive encampments and authentic clothing, they offer an immersive experience.

Explore their activities further on their official website

2. Les Compagnons de Bertrand Du Guesclin (France)

This French reenactment group is dedicated to the late medieval period, focusing on the Hundred Years’ War. They are known for their stunning armor and displays of medieval combat.

For more information, visit their official website

3. The Plantagenet Medieval Society (United Kingdom)

As mentioned in the previous article, The Plantagenet Medieval Society is known for its meticulous portrayal of the Plantagenet era, spanning the 12th to the 15th centuries.

You can learn more about them on their official website The Plantagenet Medieval Society

4. Compagnia di San Giorgio (Italy)

Compagnia di San Giorgio, based in Italy, is renowned for its portrayal of the Italian Renaissance period. They offer a glimpse into the world of knights, mercenaries, and artists of the time.

Explore their activities and events on their official website  Compagnia di San Giorgio

5. Fraternitas Liviensis (Latvia)

Fraternitas Liviensis focuses on the medieval history of the Baltic region, particularly Livonia. Their commitment to historical accuracy and educational programs make them stand out.

Find out more on their official website Fraternitas Liviensis

 6. Historia Normannis (Various European Countries)

Historia Normannis is a pan-European reenactment group specializing in the Norman period. With branches in various European countries, they provide an expansive view of Norman history.

Discover more at Historia Normannis     

7. Legio I Germanica (Germany)

Legio I Germanica focuses on the Roman Empire’s history and its impact on the Germanic tribes. They provide an educational experience about the Roman military and culture.

Learn about their activities on their official website  Legio I Germanica  

8. Veritas (Czech Republic)

Veritas is a Czech reenactment group that portrays various medieval periods and cultures, with a strong emphasis on historical accuracy. Their diverse expertise is showcased at events across Europe.

Explore their activities at Veritas       

9. Milites Christi (Poland)

Milites Christi specializes in reenacting the Crusades and the medieval Christian military orders. They are known for their impressive reconstructions of medieval fortifications.

For more information, visit their official website Milites Christi  

10. Ordinis Militaris Templi (Sweden)

Ordinis Militaris Templi is a Swedish reenactment group dedicated to the history of the Knights Templar. They provide insights into the life and activities of these famous medieval knights.

Learn more about them on their official website Ordinis Militaris Templi      

Europe is a treasure trove of medieval reenactment groups, each offering a unique perspective on the past. Whether you’re interested in the chivalry of the late Middle Ages, the intrigue of the Renaissance, the might of the Roman Empire, or the Crusades, there’s a group in Europe that specializes in your area of historical fascination.

These top 10 medieval reenactment groups in Europe provide not only entertainment but also valuable historical education.

Exploring their websites will offer you further insights into their activities, events, and ways to get involved in the captivating world of medieval reenactment across the continent.