Seventh Crusade 1248 – Failure of the 7th Crusade *King Louis IX

Learn about all the Important Events and History of the Seventh Crusades in 1248

The Seventh Crusade (1248–1254) was instigated by Pope Innocent IV and was led by the King of France Louis IX as a reaction to the Loss of the Holy City of Jerusalem in the year 1244.


This was one of two Crusades and was also known as the ‘Crusade of Louis IX’


Crusade of Louis IX

The crusade started off well and was directed at the main source of Muslim power which was concentrated in Egypt, instead of attacking the Holy City directly. The Seventh crusade ended in a defeat, with King Louis being captured with most of his forces.


King Louis XI France Leader Seventh Crusades

Seventh Crusade 1248 to 1254 Important Events

Battle of Al Mansurah

This battle was fought in 1250 between Crusader forces under Louis IX and Ayyubid forces. The battle was a decisive victory for the Ayyubids and significantly affected Crusader morale.


Battle of Fariksur

The battle of Fariksur was one of the final significant battles of the Seventh Crusade. It was fought between Egyptian Muslim forces and a Crusader army under Louis IX. Crusaders suffered a decisive defeat and Louis IX was taken captive.

Seventh Crusade Important People List

  • Louis IX
  • As-Salih
  • Aybak
  • Baybars

Victor – Who won the Seventh Crusade?

The Muslim forces achieved a decisive victory in the Seventh Crusade. Louis IX met failure, was captured, and had to be ransomed for a great sum.

Seventh Crusade Significance

The Seventh Crusade marked a general disinterest among European monarchs in a religious crusade. Louis IX was the only monarch who expressed such zeal at the time. For his efforts, he gained considerable fame and influence across Europe.