Medieval Pell

The Pell was a specially designed piece of equipment that helped medieval knights hone their skills.

Pell Training for Knights

The pell was a very basic but effective training device

This was a particularly useful pastime for knights who practiced their sword-fighting skills through this sport. The Pell could be used to practice vicious sword-fighting techniques that could not be replicated in other ways.

Practice using Buckler Shields

Early Medieval Fighting Practice Using small Buckler Shields

History of Medieval Pell

The history of the medieval Pell is hard to trace and it seems that it originated in medieval times. However, considering the simple nature of the practice, it must have existed in ancient times as well. Further, there is evidence that training devices similar to the Pell were used by the Romans. With the rise of the feudal and knight culture during medieval times, the practice became more prominent.

Knights Fight With Bastard Swords

Two Medieval Knights *Bastard Swords

Definition of the Pell

The word Pell is derived from the Latin word “Palos” which means stake. The English word pale was derived from the same Latin word and referred to as a pointed stick since a stick or a tree trunk was used as a target during the practice of medieval Pell.

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Origins of Medieval Pell

The origins of the medieval Pell can be traced back to Roman times when a similar sword practice was used. This Pell was not a uniquely medieval practice and existed before medieval times as well. However, it became popular mainly during medieval times. This was because medieval times in Europe were violent and battles were erupting all over the continent. Under such a situation, the demand for accomplished swordsmen was high.

knight defending castle

  • The medieval Pell was a training device for medieval knights and soldiers
  • The medieval Pell could be quite simply a post stuck into the ground
  • There were different variations of the Pell training device (see images)
  • The name Pell comes from the Latin word “Palos”
  • The practice of using the Pell for training purposes became rooted in medieval society
  • Due to the simplicity of the Pell, this training method must have existed in ancient times
Pell Training for Knights

The pell was a very basic but effective training device

Purpose of Medieval Pell

The primary purpose of the medieval Pell was sword practice. A wooden post was planted firmly on the ground and it was used as a target for sword practice. Swords made of wood were generally used for a medieval Pell.

Who used a Medieval Pell?

The Medieval Pell was mainly the pastime of knights who were required to excel in the art of swordsmanship. The training on the medieval Pell allowed the knights to freely use all the tactics of sword fighting such as thrusting, cutting, and slicing without any danger of inflicting injury on an opponent, which in this case was nothing more than a pole.

How was a Medieval Pell made?

The medieval Pell could simply be a pole or wooden column driven into the ground. Thus it did not require any elaborate structure. The rigorous and regular practice of medieval Pell resulted in increased precision and focus for the knights. While the sword was mostly used during the practice of medieval Pell, other short-arm weapons such as axes and hammers could also be used.

Medieval Pell Summary

The Medieval Pell was used for special training in swordsmanship, particularly for medieval knights, whose main purpose was to increase the precision, focus, and sword-handling capability of the knights. The Pell itself was nothing more than a simple wooden pole driven into the ground and acting as a target. The pole could sometimes be embellished to resemble the enemy figure. While the practice itself existed in the ancient world as well, it became particularly popular during medieval times.

  • The main purpose of the Pell was to train a Knight to use his sword
  • Wooden swords called batons were usually used when training using a Pell
  • The wooden batons used against the Pell were sometimes made out of whalebone
  • Knights could drastically improve his stamina and fighting skills using the Pell
  • The use of the Pell also increased a Knight or soldier’s strength ready for combat

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