How Maces were used in Medieval Warfare

What was the most brutal weapon used in medieval warfare? Some people would argue it was the longbow, while others would say that the axe or flail were far more destructive when it came to ripping men to pieces.

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However, there can be no doubt that maces were among the most feared medieval weapons, yet`you’ll rarely see them featured as part of any Hollywood re-enactment of Medieval warfare, despite their prevalence during this period.

A Collection of Medieval Knights Weapons - Medieval Mace Weapons

A collection of medieval Knights close combat weapons mainly maces and war hammers

Here’s everything you need to know about how maces were used in medieval battles…

What is a Mace?

A mace weapon is a medieval weapon that has a metal head and metal shaft. They are usually made of iron or steel, and the metal head is usually capped with either bronze or copper.

Heavy Metal Mace

Heavy Flanged Head Iron and Copper Mace


Maces were often used by mounted knights. A mace would have been especially useful when fighting against infantry as it had a much longer reach than many other weapon available at the time.

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How was a Mace used in Battle?

A mace was a medieval weapon that was used in battle. It was usually made of steel and had a heavy head on the end of a long shaft.

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The mace was used primarily for smashing into an opponent’s armor or shield, with the goal of breaking it and rendering it useless. A mace could also be used as a lethal bludgeon, but this was less common than using them against armor or shields.

Medieval Knight Close Combat weapons

Mace Weapons Variations

What Made the Mace such a Effective Weapon?

The mace was a medieval weapon that would crush bones and puncture through armor, it was a very effective weapon. The commonly spiked head of the mace made it a powerful tool for use on foot or on horseback, the spikes penetrating anything that stood in its way.

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Mace | Warhammers

Since the mace is made of metal, it could have been thrown like a javelin to knock someone down, or thrown at someone as an improvised projectile.

Some Famous Maces from History

The mace is one of the most famous medieval weapons. It was usually made from metal and then spiked with spikes, blades or other bladed objects.

Mace Weapons Medieval Weapons

Maces were designed for close range fighting and often took an arm off when you hit someone with it – Some famous maces from history are

The Mace of King Arthur

King Arthur Famous Medieval Knight

King Arthur was the legendary Famous Medieval Knight from early medieval times

The Morning Star of John Talbot

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The Mace of Charlemagne (a spiked iron ball mounted on a wooden shaft)

Charlemagne King of the Franks Carolingian Empire

What were Maces made From?

A medieval mace is both a defensive and offensive weapon. A medieval mace can be made from wood, metal, or any other material that’s heavy enough to withstand the blows of combat.

German Heavy Mace

German Heavy Mace

Mace Weapon Summary

There are many types of medieval weapons, but the mace is one of the most commonly seen weapons. The mace is a medieval bludgeoning tool that was designed to be able to knock someone off their horse or break through armor. To do this, it had an iron head attached to a handle which was usually made of wood and wrapped with leather.

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