Viking Shields

Learn about history of Viking Shields – Discover How the Vikings used their Shields During Warfare!

Vikings were formidable warriors who began ranging out of Scandinavia and into northern Europe from the 9th century onwards.

Viking Warriors Swords and Viking Shields

They eventually mustered a conquest of England and through their Norman descendants, left a permanent mark on the socio-political outlook of Western Europe.


A military culture dominated Viking society and this was reflected in the wide range of laws and regulations which overlooked Viking social life.

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These laws extended to the construction and maintenance of shields as well which Vikings considered a vital part of their battlefield gear.

*The most common type of shield used by the Vikings was the round shield.

Viking Warriors with Viking Shields

Round Shields

Viking round shields were usually 30 to 36 inches in diameter although the specific size of a shield varied according to the warrior wielding it.

Shields as large as 48 inches in diameter were also used. The most common material used in the construction of the round shield was linden wood. Other types of wood were also commonly used such as poplar, fir and alder wood.

Viking Shield

Multiple planks of wood were glued together and cut into a circular shape for the basic structure of a round shield. The rim of the shield was then fitted with additional bindings such as those of iron to reinforce the structure.

`Leather and different kinds of fibrous materials were used on the front of the shield to make the shield more durable and prevent enemy blades from cutting too deep.

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A sizable iron boss was used at the centre of the shield to protect the hand holding the shield by creating a hollow at the back. The boss may also have been used to deflect an opponent’s weapon.

Viking Shield Wall

Much like the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings made frequent use of a shield wall as a battlefield tactic. In such a formation, the Viking warriors would line on the battlefield and stand close to each other so that their shields would overlap and create a tight shield wall.

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The warriors would then use the shield wall as a defence and throw smaller spears toward enemy lines. At close quarters, Vikings used large spears to thrust from above the shield wall while securing themselves behind the wall.

Viking Shield

The most common size of Viking Shield was around 30 – 36 inches in diameter

Viking Shield Laws

A number of laws in the Viking society specifically applied to the construction of the shields. The Norwegian Viking laws, for instance, specified that a shield should be made from wood and three iron bands should be used to reinforce its structure.

The laws further specified that a handle should be affixed to the back of the shield with the help of iron nails.

Viking laws in later periods further specific the outlook and design of the shield as well, specifying that reinforced layers of wood should be used for construction and the shield should carry a red-and-white front.

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Viking Shields in Literature

One of the richest sources of information about Vikings’ shields is in classic Viking literature. A large body of Viking poems deals directly with the shields, elaborating on their significance and on the mythological scenes painted by the notable warriors on their shields.

*It is largely thanks to this body of Viking literature that much is known about Viking shields today.

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Viking Shields Fast Facts

  • The Vikings were known to use a tight overlapping “Shield Wall” tactics on the battlefield
  • Various Viking Laws controlled the construction of Viking Shields
  • Later Viking laws controlled the design and outlook of Viking Shields

Viking Shield

  • Noble Viking warriors painted mythological scenes on their shields
  • There is a wealth of information about Viking Shields sourced from Viking poems

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Viking Shields Fast Facts

  • The Vikings developed rules and laws that applied to the construction and design of Viking Shields
  • The most common size of Viking Shield was around 30 – 36 inches in diameter

Viking Shields

  • Viking shields could be as big as 48 inches in diameter
  • Linden wood was the most common material used to make Viking Shields

Viking Berserker Warrior

  • Planks glued together form the basic structure of Viking Shields
  • Viking Shields fronts were commonly covered in leather and other materials
  • The Shield “Boss” in the centre of Viking Shields protected the holding hand
  • A Shield “Boss” usually made of metal also served to deflect an opponent’s weapon