Norman Kings

King Henry I (Henri Beauclerc)

Medieval King Henry I Portrait

King Henry I was considered to be a harsh king but effective King. Medieval King Henry I put down the peasants rebellion led by Wat Tyler. English King Henry I was married to Matilda of Scotland on 11th November 1100  Read more about the King Henry I (Henri Beauclerc) >>

William Rufus | William II

Portrait image of King William Rufus

King William Rufus was the son of the famous Norman King William the Conqueror. William Rufus was an accomplished soldier in his own right but was let down by his lack of social skills and lack of morality and he had many enemies. Read more about the William Rufus | William II >>

William the Conqueror

King William The Conqueror Medieval KIngs

William the Conqueror was the French King who conquered England in the battle of Hastings in 1066. William the Conqueror's rule of England brought about great changes to the Kingdom such as the new Feudal system. Read more about the William the Conqueror >>

Norman Kings of England

The Norman Era in the medieval England began after the Norman Conquest of 1066 in which William the Conqueror defeated King Harold of England to become the new king.

Thus he was the first Norman king of England and with this conquest began the high medieval times in England. After him, his son William Rufus became the king of England.


What was the timeline of the Norman Period in England?

The Norman period began in England after the Conquest of 1066 which also triggered the era of high medieval times. This era was to last till the death of King John in 1216.

William the Conqueror, the first Norman king, died in 1087 and William Rufus became the next king who ruled until 1100. The Norman dynasty was succeeded by the Angevins in 1154.

Who were the Norman Kings that ruled during this period?

The first Norman king of England was William the Conqueror who ruled from 1066 to 1087. Upon his death his son William Rufus, also known as William II, became the ruler and remained so till 1100, although this period was tumultuous.

After William Rufus’s death in 1100, his brother Henry I became the king of England and he ruled until 1135. After Henry’s death, his cousin Stephen and daughter Matilda ruled England for some years, although the country remained torn by civil war.

Most Famous Norman Kings

William the Conqueror, also known as William I, can easily be considered the most famous ruler of the Norman period. He founded the dynasty in England and was thus the first Norman ruler.

It was also William I who consolidated the Norman rule in England by a string of castles constructed all over the country on the most strategic locations. He also redistributed the land to his loyal servants and laid the foundations of aristocracy.

  • The Norman period of Medieval history started in 1066 after the Battle of Hastings
  • William the Conqueror defeated King Harold of England and this started Norman rule
  • William the Conqueror was the first Norman ruler of medieval England
  • To consolidate his position of power will in the Conqueror quickly built a series of Norman castles
  • Many English Castles built by William the Conqueror such as the Tower of London are famous

Best Norman Kings

William I can also be called the best Norman king since over the next century there was never as stable a period than during his reign. It was he who laid the foundations of England which were to remain intact over the subsequent centuries.

For instance, he installed the feudal system that was to endure for centuries and constructed some of the finest castles in England. None of the subsequent Norman rulers could rival these accomplishments.

Worst Norman Kings

Among the Norman kings, Stephen can be considered the worst ruler of all. He was the cousin of King Henry I and proclaimed himself king after the death of Henry I in 1135.

He actually usurped the right of Matilda who was the rightful heir to the deceased king. During the reign of Stephen, England was plunged into civil war and Stephen was eventually taken prisoner in the Battle of Lincoln against Matilda.

Norman Kings Achievements

Perhaps the most important thing that Norman kings did was the replacement of the old landed class with the new aristocracy which was to remain in power over the subsequent centuries.

This was done by William I who wanted to have aristocracy loyal to him. Another important accomplishment of Norman rulers was the construction of large castles all over England.

Norman Kings Summary

The Norman Era in England began when William the Conqueror defeated King Harold of England in 1066. The era continued till 1154 when the new dynasty of Angevins came into power. During this era, various social and political changes were brought about in England which endured over the subsequent centuries.

  • William the Conqueror was also known as King William and William I
  • Of all the Norman Kings William the Conqueror was the most revered
  • King Stephen was the worst Norman King and was universally disliked
  • King Stephen was involved in the battle of Lincoln against Matilda the rightful heir to the throne
  • The Norman Kings replaced the landed class system of England and replaced it with the feudal system

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Norman Kings List

  • William I – William the Bastard – William the Conqueror
  • William II – William Rufus – (Guillaume le Roux)
  • Henry I – Henry Beauclerc – (Henri Beauclerc)



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