Weirdest Medieval Weapons

We already discussed medieval armors, but what about the weapons? Here are some of the weirdest medieval weapons you’ve never heard of, and why they were used to create fear in enemies.

Sleeve Archer

A Sleeve Archer was a type of medieval weapon used during the medieval period. This weapon consisted of a metal arm that would attach to the forearm, which had a string and arrow attached at the end. The string would be pulled back with one hand and then released to launch the projectile. Sleeve Archers were mainly used for assassinations.

Scorpion Crossbow

When people think of medieval weapons, they usually think of swords, spears and bows and arrows. But there were some weird weapons as well. One example is the Scorpion Crossbow. This weapon was used in China and Central Asia during the 13th century. It looks like a crossbow but it has a spike on one end that you would use to hook your opponent’s clothing or armour before firing an arrow at them.

Dagger Pistol

Some of the weirdest medieval weapons come from European culture, like the dagger pistol, which was invented in Germany. Dagger pistols have a double-barrelled folding knife attached to a pistol. The user can fire both barrels at the same time by pulling on one string that opens and cocks back both barrels, releasing two triggers with triggers at each end of the gun’s grip.

Sword Catapult

A variation of the ballista, a medieval weapon that launched sharp-pointed bolts at opponents from a distance, the sword catapult was capable of firing swords like arrows. While we know that these weapons were used in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), some believe that they may have been used by western armies as well.

Halberd Glaive

The halberd glaive is one of the weirdest medieval weapons you can find. It was also one of the most effective ones. The blade of this weapon was attached to a long pole that helped make it more deadly. It also had a sharp point on top, making it easier to spear enemies and pull them off their horses if need be.

Mauthe Dog

A Mauthe Dog is a type of medieval weapon that consisted of a metal blade on the end of a long pole, with spikes or hooks protruding from it. It was used for cutting, stabbing and hooking an opponent.

Spiked Shield

One of the more unique weapons used during the medieval period was a Spiked Shield. A Spiked Shield is basically a shield with large spikes coming from the top, making it an effective tool to keep people at bay while inflicting great damage. It’s also said that some knights would use them in place of their lances as they were charging into battle and would use the shield to knock down enemy soldiers.