Peoples Crusade

It was the year 1096 when the Pope was preparing a great Crusade to the Holy Lands and was gathering together Knights, warriors and supplies for the great crusade to follow. News spread among the common medieval people, who imagined the Crusades to be a fantastic opportunity and a great adventure and they wanted to join the mission. The news of the great Crusade spread through medieval towns, medieval villages and medieval cities creating a momentum of great excitement.

The People’s Crusade & “Little Peter”

The people of medieval times who wanted to join the crusade had chosen a leader to lead them called “Little Peter”, it was Little Peter who was to lead this group of commoners on what they thought was going to be a great adventure, however the people were uneducated and had little knowledge of what they would require for the journey ahead. The one thing they did realise however was that they needed money for the journey and many Jewish people who were known to be wealthy at the time were killed throughout Europe, their Gold was stolen from them by people wanting to join what became known as the People’s crusade.

Peoples Crusade Massacre

100,000 people join the peoples Crusade

100,000 people join the People’s crusade

Around 100,000 people joined the People’s crusade, however although the number of people joining the crusade was large they were a very disorganised and uneducated bunch of commoners who in reality stood no chance against an organised army. As the people of the People’s Crusade travelled towards Jerusalem they they left a trail of havoc behind them as they robbed food and treasures from people in the towns or villages they came across on the way, they became more violent due to their needs to survive and the familiarity with violence grew, by the time they reached Byzantine lands, the people’s crusading army were like a pack of wild animals.

The People’s crusade reaches the Byzantine Empire

As the uneducated commoners of the People’s crusade reached Byzantine lands they were like a pack of wild animals, however the Emperor Comena could see that they would be a terrifying sight for the Muslim Turk armies and decided to help “Little Peters” People’s army through his country and guide them towards Jerusalem and the Turkish army.

End of the People’s crusade

As soon as the wild, disorganised and uneducated commoners of “Little Peters”, army reached the equally frightening but much better equipped and organised armies of the Muslim Turks they were quickly defeated bringing to a swift end to the People’s Crusades of around 1096. Most of the people who were part of the People’s Crusade were killed and others who survived were sold into slavery.

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