Knights Templar Founders

Who Founded the Knights Templar? – Bernard of Clairvaux and Hugues de Payens!

The Knights Templar were officially recognized by the Catholic Church in the Year 1139 in a Papal Bull an official declaration by the Pope of the time – several decades after they were founded in the European country of France.

The Idea behind creating the order was to provide a force that could protect Christian Pilgrims in their dangerous trips across regions of the Holylands.

Hugues de Payens or Payns was a French Nobleman born in 1070, he was the co-founder and the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Together with Bernard of Clairvaux a French Abbott, he helped create the Latin Rule which was a set of rules or the code of behavior for the Knights Templar Order.


Bernard Clairvaux

It is widely recognized that Bernard of Clairvaux (a French abbot) and the Nobleman ‘Hugues de Payens’ founded the Knights Templar in the year 1119.

The Identity of Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 – 20 August 1153) is fairly straightforward to establish and there is much readily available and accurate information about him than ‘Hugues de Payens’ – he is historically recorded as being a French abbot and a major leader in the reform of Benedictine monasticism.

Bernard Clairvaux outlined the structure and idea of the Knights Templars when he attended the Council of Troyes, at which he traced the outlines of the Rules of the Knights Templar – this would quickly became the ideal of Christian nobility throughout Europe.

Bernard was a strong supporter of Pope Innocent II, he became a powerful preacher against heresy which was a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.

He was a strong supporter of the Christian Crusades and helped a recruitment drive for the Second Crusade at the ‘Council of Vézelay’ in the year 1146.

Bernard Bernard of Clairvaux served as a Monk for 40 years and died at the age of 63


Hugues de Payens died on the 24 May 1136

No one can argue that the knights templar became one of the most Powerful and Famous organizations in history, they are still surrounded in mystery and conspiracy theories till this very day!

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