Knights Templar Origins 1119

Knights Templar Origins

The Knights Templar order was created in 1119 through the efforts of the French knight Hugues de Payens.

Payens approached King Baldwin II of Jerusalem and requested the creation of the Order in order to protect the Christian pilgrims on their travels throughout the Holylands.


The Holylands which was previously considered safe was now a dangerous place for Christians on their pilgrimages to the Holylands – The Byzantine (Christian  ruler) was defeated by Muslim Turks who were hostile to Christians and they now controlled many areas of the holylands.

There was now a need to protect Christians from attacks on their travels and pilgrimages to the Holylands and this was the reason for the creation of the ‘Knights Templar’ – as a protective force of Knights.

Soon after the creation of the Templars, King Baldwin II allowed them to take the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as their headquarters.

The Order came to be called the “Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon”.

The Order was initially very poor but in 1129 it received approval from the Church. This made the Knights Templar a veritable Order which the nobility eagerly joined and donated to, making it the most powerful and rich Order of the time in future years.

Quick Facts about the Knights Templar Origins

  • The Order of the ‘Knights Templar’ was created in 1119.
  • French knight Hugues de Payens was instrumental in the creation of the Knights Templar.
  • Hugues de Payens and King Baldwin II of Jerusalem creation of the Order.
  • The Templar Knights duties were to protect the Christian pilgrims to the Holylands.
  • The knights Templar took Temple Mount in the ‘Holy City Jerusalem’ as their headquarters.
  • The Order of the knights Templar became known as ‘the Temple of Solomon knights’ and the ‘Poor Knights of Christ’.

Quick Facts about the Knights Templar Origins

  • The Order of the Knights Templar was was very poor, but became incredibly wealthy.
  • By the year ‘1129’ the Knights Templar was recognized and approved by the Christian Catholic Church.
  • From small beginnings the Knights Templar became a real and veritable Order respected by nobility and Institutions.
  • Nobility, and people who supported the Christian Crusades cause eagerly joined and donated money to the Templars.
  • The Knights Templar became a wealthy organization which made it a vastly powerful and rich Order.
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