Becoming a Templar Knight

To become a member of the Knights Templar you would have had to have been a Knight already – there was no training that you could undertake to become a knight of the order.

The Knights Templar were founded by the French Nobleman ‘Hugues de Payen’ and the Abbott ‘Bernard de Clairvaux’ in the year 1119.

Joining the Templars was a massive commitment as there were so many rules.

Once you had joined the order you were no longer allowed to have physical contact with women or even family members!

It was a very disciplined and focused life and only very mentally strong people would have made it as a Templar Knight.

Papal Bull – Church Backing

The Knights templar started as an unofficial unit but decades after it’s inception it got the backing of the Church which allowed it to rapidly expand throughout Europe – the Idea behind the order was to create a military order that would protect the Church and Christian pilgrims right across the Holy lands.

A Papal Bull from the Pope that supported the Knights Templar as an organization was declared in the year 1139.

Initiation Process Ceremony


  • 1) The person committed themselves wholeheartedly into the order.
  • 2) During the ceremony new members had to swear to vows of poverty, chastity, piety, and obedience.
  • 3) Members also had to give away all their worldly goods and wealth to the order.

Rules for Joining

  • 1) You could not be married – although it was sometimes allowed under certain conditions.
  • 2) You had to join for life – exceptions were sometimes made on this rule.
  • 3) Outsiders were discouraged from attending the ceremony.

Once you had been accepted into the ‘Order’ you were a member for life, however due to the fighting nature of the Knights Templar and their role as front line shock troops not many lived that long!

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