Fighting a Templar Knight

You may have heard the saying ‘work hard play hard’

Well the ‘Knights Templars’ version of that would have been ‘work hard and no play’

As it seems  Templar Knights trained very hard both mentally and physically to prepare for battle and that’s basically all they did except for prayer, eating and sleeping!

Discipline and Rules

There were also strict rules that all Templar knights had to adhere to – such as meals were to be eaten in silence and no contact with women or even their own family members was allowed.

Templar Knights spent most of their time physically and mentally preparing themselves for Battle!

To become a Templar Knight you had to be an established knight already and probably only the best knights were allowed into the order in the first place.

Templar Knights usually came from wealthy families of nobility,  they usually had the best armor and weaponry of the time, aswell as  many well trained back up staff, numerous horses, spare weapons and armor.

Shock Troops – Breaking Up Enemy Lines

The Knights templar were trained as ‘Shock Troops’ and as such they instilled fear into enemy lines! because of their fearsome reputation, striking uniforms that were emblazoned with the Red Cross – which in itself was a symbol of martyrdom!

The Knights Templar were a formidable fighting force and breaking up the front-lines of enemy forces was their specialty!

Make no mistake as ‘Templar Knights’ charged there will have been a lot of fear in the enemy ranks as they knew that the Templar knights considered it an honor to die in battle – they believed they would have a special place in heaven assigned to them!

Templar knights were extremely well trained, powerful and skilled warriors.

Other Rules of the Templar knight

  • The Templar Cross was recognized as being a symbol of martyrdom.
  • Templar Knights were mentally prepared for death and had no fear of it.
  • No Templar knight or knight of the order would surrender unless the flag of the Templars had fallen.

These are all good enough reasons for not picking a fight with a ‘Templar Knight’ in medieval times!