Medieval Baton Weapons

Batons were used in medieval times as training weapons, used mainly by medieval footsoldiers to learn fighting techniques in close ground combat fighting.

Batons were also used in medieval times for fighting in tournaments to entertain medieval people. The reason why batons were used was because they were made out of wood (favorite baton wood was Lime) and whalebone and this stopped footsoldiers and knights from being badly injured.

Knights also used batons from an early age to train them for battle without causing injury in various sword-training exercises. Foot soldiers and warriors in ground combat mainly used batons in the medieval times in training techniques.

Batons were classed as mêlée weapons which are weapons for hand-to-hand combat, they can be bladed weapons or blunt weapons such as the baton and were originally club or cudgel weapons that were very basic.

“Medieval Batons were swords that were made out of wood or whalebone that were used to learn fighting skills in training drills and were used at medieval tournaments.”

Medieval Baton Weapons Training

The number of blows one fighter inflicted on other fighter was counted during baton contests with the winning baton fighter scoring the most points or hits, alternatively a baton contest could be ended with one fighter being exhausted and surrendering as they could no longer fight.

Baton Weapon Sword

Example of medieval Baton Sword

Military Training using baton weapons

Baton served a great purpose to train armies to fight for King’s and nobleman in the Feudal system without them being injured during aggressive training fights; the use of the Batons made of wood or whalebone enabled them to have realistic fights that improved their fighting techniques and also their strength and stamina. Training using these wooden batons usually took place on a daily basis.

Baton weapons Techniques

Techniques could be practiced using wooden batons that imitated real life close contact fighting which would lead to the introduction of new moves and improved defenses and attack techniques for the foot soldiers of medieval armies.

Points allocated in Baton training fights were as follows:

  • Three point were given for a blow to the body face and shoulders
  • Disarming opponents was worth three points
  • Immobilizing an opponent was worth three points
  • One point given for hitting opponents with the pommel (part of the hilt of the sword)
  • One point given for hitting opponents with the Quillon (cross-section other sword hilt)

Baton Weapon Facts:

  • Batons were the most basic of the melee weapons
  • Batons were made of wood or whalebone
  • The design of batons was the same as metal swords
  • A 15th century treaty standardized the allowed size of the medieval batons
  • Medieval batons we use in tournaments for entertainment
  • Medieval batons we used as training tools for foot soldiers

  • Medieval batons – used to train knights in close combat fighting
  • Batons – decorated to like real swords in special tournaments and behourds
  • Batons used at Behourds or special occasions such as coronations weddings at ceremonies
  • You could only strike above the belt using a medieval Baton

  • You could win a baton fight by gaining the most strikes (points) in combat
  • You could win a Baton fight if the other person gave up due to exhaustion etc
  • Batons were used in combat training
  • Batons – used in tournaments for entertainment
  • Baton stopped soldier’s and knights getting injured
  • Batons – used to train soldiers and knights fighting techniques
  • Batons – used to improve soldier/knights stamina
  • Batons were made of wood or whalebone

  • Batons were cheap to make and easily produced
  • The preferred material for making a baton was lime wood
  • Batons made from a single piece of hard wood
  • Batons improved fighting techniques
  • Batons improved muscle strength and agility
  • Batons trained soldiers it realistic combat situations

  • Foot soldiers in the middle ages mainly used batons
  • The baton was a short sword made from wood
  • Batons – used by feudal armies in medieval times
  • Fights using Batons were a part of daily life in medieval times
  • Batons – used to learn fighting techniques from an early age
  • You could only strike above the belt with a baton weapon
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